8 Mar 2023

With Derakane™ Signia™ resins INEOS Composites focuses on reduced styrene emissions

With the introduction of Derakane™ Signia™, INEOS Composites has taken advantage of new technologies to modernize the properties of its resins, including improved environmental performance and processability.

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Introduced in 1965 to combat corrosion in hot, humid chlorine environments, Derakane™ epoxy vinyl ester resins have become the industry standard for corrosion-resistant fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) equipment. Over the years, new generations of high-performance Derakane™ resins have been introduced, enabling vinyl ester solutions for harsh chemical environments, hightemperature performance and applications requiring improved toughness.

The Derakane™ Signia™ resins have been designed to offer improved processing properties that allow for faster laminate consolidation, reduced foaming with standard peroxides and reduced styrene emissions. Today, many fabricators are challenged with finding and retaining qualified, experienced operators to meet current demands. Anticipating these needs, Derakane ™ Signia™ resins were designed to deliver reduced styrene and less odor in finished parts. All of these features lead to significantly improved efficiency and cleanliness in the workshop and on site, resulting in a much more pleasant workplace. In practice, the innovative Derakane™ Signia™ technology brings up to 50% reduction in overall emissions.

Since 2022, INEOS Composites – as part of INEOS AG – has been a partner company of EcoVadis, the world’s largest provider of corporate sustainability assessments. Its methodology is based on international standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact and ISO 26000, and takes into account over 200 purchasing categories and more than 175 countries. The EcoVadis rating covers a wide range of non-financial management systems, including environmental impact, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. This ensures that sustainability practices are holistically integrated into operations.

INEOS AG has received a gold sustainability score from EcoVadis for all its operations worldwide. This overall rating puts INEOS AG in the top 8% of companies in the sector.

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