10 Mar 2023

Nordmann to present several new innovations from partners and the Nordmann laboratory at the 2023 in-cosmetics® global

10.03.2023: Multinational chemical distributor Nordmann will be exhibiting at the in-cosmetics® global, the world’s leading expo for the personal care industry, from March 28-30 in Barcelona.

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The spotlight will be on a large selection of new products from Nordmann’s partners and its own laboratory. Dr. Ulla Seidel, Global Sales Director Life Sciences at Nordmann, explains: “We’re very pleased to have expanded our distribution agreement with long-term partner Sun Chemical, for example. We’ve been working with their team for a long time and with great success, distributing the company’s customary pigments, dyes, dispersions and effect pigments. Last summer we mutually agreed to expand our cooperative efforts to include their dye products, and we also added its entire effect pigment range at the beginning of this year. That’s what we call all-round success!” “Our partner AAK will focus on the Soft Technologies, with optimized melting and crystallization properties of exotic butters. You can also take the chance to visit West Africa with AAK´s Kolo Nafaso reality experience about Shea.” she adds.

Petra Fisch, Sales Director Life Sciences at Nordmann Germany, introduces some of the other innovations that will be showcased: “We have two forward-looking active ingredients from Kaffe Bueno – KAFFAGE™ and KAFFAIR™ – which are obtained sustainably from upcycled coffee grounds. We’ll be presenting an innovative and recently launched biodegradable emollient from Lubrizol, too, that serves as a natural silicone alternative. From our partner DSM, we’ll be showing new products that feature skin-tightening effects, prevent premature aging due to UV exposure, and make skin appear more youthful.”

Nordmann has also strengthened its Personal Care teams abroad, for example in France, Turkey and the UK. Several promising projects have already been launched, and David Meredith, Business Manager Personal Care, Nordmann U.K. Limited is excited about the many new partners Nordmann has gained:

“Greenpharma, for example, has a diverse range of natural substances for the cosmetics industry – and Quimivita is all about innovative ingredients that offer visible benefits for skin, hair, body and oral care.”

The topic of sustainability will be another major focus at the in-cosmetics® global. According to Laura Ratz, Application Scientist Personal Care at Nordmann, “The cosmetics industry is clearly trending toward sustainable, natural ingredients. This is because all-natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular in the cosmetics market. They’ve become a mainstream trend with rising sales figures, causing more and more conventional products to be displaced.” Ratz adds: “Inside the Nordmann Lab, we’ve been formulating solid shampoos, facial cleansers, and so on ever since 2017. In 2019, interest in these types of products started skyrocketing. They’re big in terms of sustainability and a lot of customers are demanding them.”

It is only logical, then, that Nordmann should be planning to present a new frame formulation for a solid hair conditioner as part of the Formulation Lab®: the Sunny Conditioner Bar, combining fully traceable, anhydrous and sustainably produced raw materials from Europe.

Nordmann has every reason to celebrate at the 2023 in-cosmetics® global – but this year is also one of important anniversaries.

First, Nordmann is celebrating its 111th company anniversary with the slogan “Thank you for 111 years”. Festivities will kick off at the end of March, followed by several international campaigns throughout the year. Nordmann Switzerland is proud of its 60th anniversary and looks back on many successful stages in its company history.

Annelie Eknäs Ekdahl, Managing Director Nordmann Nordic, continues: “The application laboratory at Nordmann Nordic is also celebrating a big milestone: its 25th anniversary! It’s a great feeling, knowing that we’ve been developing concepts, formulating products, solving problems, and holding seminars for our business partners for a quarter of a century. At in-cosmetics we will show our two last developments, the pink restoring cream and pink protection serum.”

Sandra Iris Spiegelberger, Business Manager Personal Care, HI&I at Nordmann Germany, adds: “Our virtual lab, Nordmann Lab+, is celebrating its first year as well! This is an online space where our lab team features product catalogs, lab formulations, application kits, news and presentations on industry trends – and we’ve got a special section dedicated to important industry-related information and events. We’re quite satisfied with how well it’s caught on! Since we went live a year ago, we’ve had many of our customers register for the Nordmann Lab+.”

The in-cosmetics® global offers the perfect setting to exchange ideas with Nordmann’s experts, learn about the company’s comprehensive product portfolio and find out the latest developments from Nordmann’s partners and laboratory. Personal Care teams from Nordmann offices all around Europe will be attending to show the company’s international presence and demonstrate its competence in providing solutions across national borders. 

Visitors will find Nordmann at in-cosmetics® global in Barcelona from March 28 to 30 at Booth Z91. Register for Nordmann’s Formulation Lab® session on March 30 on the in-cosmetics® global website.