14 Mar 2022

Perfect skin in digital meetings

At the in-cosmetics® global trade fair in Paris, visitors can experience a new Nordmann skincare formulation – Pigment-Infused Face Cream – at the Formulation Lab®. 

The amount of time many of us spend in front of a computer has increased enormously over the last two years. Remote work, virtual meetings and online conferences keep us at the screen for hours on end each day, exposing our facial skin to the potentially damaging effects of blue light.

At this year’s in-cosmetics® global event in Paris, the colleagues from Nordmann Germany and Nordmann Nordic will be presenting a new, co-formulated and cold-stirred, pigment-enriched face cream. It helps protect the skin from light-induced aging and damage while also strengthening its protective barrier. Featuring an innovative chronopeptide, the formulation also works to optimize the skin’s own natural cell-protective processes and enzymatic activity for vitamin D biotransformation. The face cream also includes pigments for gentle color correction and natural-looking soft-focus effects.

In a 60-minute Formulation Lab® session scheduled for Wednesday, April 6, up to forty visitors will be able to learn everything they need to know about the new frame formulation and produce it themselves with the support of Nordmann’s lab technicians. Visitors can register for the session through the official in-cosmetics® global team.  

For visitors who cannot attend the Formulation Lab®, Nordmann representatives will be handing out samples of the Pigment-Infused Face Cream as well as many other innovative formulations at the Nordmann exhibition booth K138. More information about this and many other topics can also be found online through the new virtual Nordmann Lab+ at: lab.nordmann.global.

Here you can register for the Formulation Lab® session:  Register now 


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