17 Sep 2018

Fakuma 2018 TPV Compound: Wide range of PVC compounds

For more than a year, the NRC Group has been cooperating with the Italian company TPV Compound (TPV) in the field of PVC compounds - with great success. The NRC Group distributes the products in Germany and Switzerland.

The variety of formulations makes it virtually impossible to provide a complete overview of TPV's product range. TPV's research and development department is constantly working to expand the product range and adapt it to market and customer requirements. The company offers a wide range of rigid and flexible PVC compounds for extrusion, injection and blow molding processes - with ever new combinations of mechanical, chemical and physical properties. TPV manufactures tailored solutions and products that comply with EU and the most important non-EU countries' standards and regulations.

The following two product series are significant in TPV's portfolio and are of great strategic importance to the company:

  • ECZ series: TPV's ECZ series is a range of unplasticized PVC compounds containing blowing agent for extrusion. These materials, suitable for single and twin screw extruders, can reach a density of 0.6 kg/dm3. They are used in the manufacture of simple and thin profiles as skirting boards, as well as thick and wide profiles for the construction or automotive industry. Foamed PVC is particularly appreciated for its low weight and excellent thermal and sound insulation properties.
  • WOOD-VYL: WOOD-VYL is the brand name of the WPC compounds (Wood Polymer Composite) from TPV. The range is made of PVC-Wood blend suitable for extrusion of technical profiles. These can also be used for the coextrusion of very thin skins. These materials are characterized by lightness, natural and warm touch as well as their UL 94 V0 flame retardant class.

Due to new CPR EU 305/11 Regulation, TPV has developed some innovative PVC compounds with very high performances in terms of fire resistance and low smoke emission.

  • GRZC148/LS: GRZC148/LS is a rigid PVC compound for extrusion. The fire behavior was classified as Bs2d0 (difficult to ignite) for wall and ceiling coating according to EN 13501-1.
  • ITYA 94/EFA: ITYA 94/EFA is a flexible PVC compound for injection molding. It has been classified as Bfls1 (difficult to ignite) for floor coverings.
  • ECYA 92/2 and VCYA 92/2: ECYA 92/2 and VCYA 92/2 are flexible PVC compounds for the extrusion of insulation and gaskets. A cable made of these materials has been classified B2s3d0 (difficult to ignite).

TPV offers several special formulations with high heat resistance. The compounds can reach a vicat point of up to 100 °C, measured according to the ISO 306 - B50 method.

TPV has a dedicated plant for the production of medical PVC compounds. Materials can be offered that are DEHP, SVHC and phthalate free as well as RoHS and REACH compliant. For example, the new AM424G/M is a plasticizer-free PVC compound for injection molding that meets the highest demands:

  • Gamma and beta sterilization up to 50 kGy
  • High transparency
  • High vicat point (76°C according to ISO 306 - A50 method)
  • Phthalate free
  • SVHC free
  • USP Class VI biocompatible