7 Sep 2022

GrassFit™ 80 WPC: high-quality whey protein from cows in harmony with nature

High-protein foods are an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet, which is why they’ve become so popular over the years – and not only with athletes. Nordmann partner Eurial supplies gently produced, non-GMO whey protein powder based on milk from cows that live in harmony with their own natural rhythms: GrassFit™ 80 WPC.

Food applications

Whether in the form of shakes, bars or desserts, high-protein foods are now everyday staples in most modern supermarkets, and demand for them continues to rise. Typically based on whey or milk protein, these products serve as an additional source of energy for the body. There are, however, differences in quality among protein powders – but that’s where Eurial’s GrassFit™ 80 WPC stands out above the competition.

Applications in health care

Thanks to strict hygiene standards and bacterial quality control, GrassFit™ 80 WPC is also suitable for use in clinical and sports nutrition as well as dietary supplements.

Eurial’s high-quality whey protein concentrate features 85% protein content (dry matter basis) and is rich in the three essential amino acids – leucine, isoleucine and valine – found in BCAAs (branch-chained amino acids). The GMO-free manufacturing methods used to produce GrassFit™ 80 WPC preserve the nutritional and physiological properties of its proteins – and unlike non-essential amino acids, essential amino acids cannot be synthesized or produced by the human body itself. This makes GrassFit™ 80 WPC a very useful dietary supplement. 

In harmony with nature

GrassFit™ 80 WPC is a special product in the French whey protein producer Eurial’s range: a protein powder completely made from the milk of French cows that live in complete harmony with nature. The cows follow the natural rhythms of alpine meadows. When the weather permits, the animals graze directly on pastures in the Alps. During the cold winter months, they are fed mostly hay cut from alpine meadows. The milk produced by the cows is used first to make protected designation of origin (PDO) cheese, so compliance with production criteria is strictly monitored. "Raising the animals according to their natural rhythms means that they produce less milk, but the overall quality of the milk increases. This allows us to achieve two important goals at the same time: protecting the welfare of the animals and manufacturing a high-quality food product," says Anne-Charlotte de Geyer, Marketing Manager Specialized Nutrition at Eurial.

Sustainably protecting the environment

In addition to animal welfare and making high-quality products, the company also cares deeply about sustainable manufacturing processes. All the liquid effluents can be released into the natural environment safely and in a responsible manner.

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