8 Mar 2022

"The only title you need to be a winner is your own name": Nordmann's Duygu Arslandağ on her journey, achievements and her own superpower

March 8 is International Women’s Day and naturally the perfect opportunity to talk to one of the many successful and remarkable women at Nordmann - Duygu Arslandağ from Nordmann Turkey, who just became Sales Director Europe for Monomers.

Duygu Arslandağ, Sales Director Europe for Monomers at Nordmann
Duygu Arslandağ, Sales Director Europe for Monomers at Nordmann

Duygu Arslandağ has a degree in chemical engineering and came to Nordmann Turkey in February 2017 as a Technical Sales and Product Manager, where she was in charge of the Coatings division. Just before she celebrated her fifth year at the company, she was promoted – and is now the Sales Director Europe for Monomers. "I am proud of this accomplishment, and also very excited to be responsible for Nordmann’s monomer-related sales activities throughout Europe," Duygu says. 

In the following interview Duygu spoke openly about challenges, success and her own superpower.

What do you like about working at Nordmann?

Nordmann truly has a home-like spirit. Regardless of the country you’re in or the team you meet there, it always feels so easy and familiar when you’re with other Nordmann colleagues – like you’re just grabbing a coffee together and heading to work to casually make something of value for one another. The last couple of years have been problematic for the whole world, and it still is. Despite of all the challenges, however, I’ve never felt helpless or alone; our company has a great team that never fails to be supportive, caring and cooperative. And one thing I can also say about the women at Nordmann is this: I’ve met a lot of our female colleagues over the past five years, and each of them is a Wonder Woman. It’s great to have so many strong females in the same place – women who can stand on their own feet, be charming and successful. I am very proud to be a member of this community.  

What do you do in your job?

Our Managing Director, Rüştü Barkay, has a good saying: “We are solution providers”. Whether commercial or technical, that’s what I do: I provide solutions.  

What makes you successful in your job?

I’ve been working since I was at university, and I’ve done a lot of different jobs to support myself, my family and to pay for my education. I always needed money, but I never worked for money only – instead, I worked to achieve. For me it’s the best melody to hear people say “she can do it”, and then be able to say “I did it”.

Why do you love your job?

I’m passionate about manufacturing. As Atatürk once said: “Every factory is a castle”. Protecting these castles and being part of their progress is what makes me love my job.

What would you say to your younger self?

I’m proud of the girl I was, and proud of the woman I have become. No regrets! Whatever we go through, we learn from – and this allows us to become better versions of ourselves. I would just say: keep moving!  

How do you deal with challenges?

My survival kit is analysing and planning. Some call it overthinking and some say it’s being pessimistic, but I call it “being prepared”. Making plans is better than making a wish.

What is your superpower?

I always rise from the ashes! No matter how hard I fall (and believe me: I’ve fallen a lot), I always get back on my feet. That’s my superpower.

What advice would you like to share with others?

Health first! Sadly, I lost my mom last year – after a long fight with breast cancer. I saw the struggle of trying to heal, and how hard it is to keep hoping to beat the disease but eventually fail. The number of sick patients is rising fast, year by year. So please: have your routine check-ups and do your best to stay healthy.

What message would you give to empower women?

The only title you need to be a winner is your own name. Being your dad’s princess, mother’s sweetheart, lover’s queen or your company’s manager will not make you a star unless you make yourself shine. Let’s shine brighter!

Happy Women’s Day to all you shining stars!



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