12 Oct 2022

Nordmann at the 2022 CPHI Frankfurt

Multinational chemical distributor Nordmann will be exhibiting with Taiwanese partner Mingtai Chemical Co. Ltd. from November 1-3 at the 2022 CPHI Frankfurt, the world’s leading trade show for the international pharmaceutical industry. Mingtai and Nordmann have shared a successful partnership for more than 18 years.

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This year, the Nordmann booth will also be staffed by representatives from several of its subsidiaries – including Japan, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the UK.

As the world’s largest pharmaceutical trade show, the CPHI hosts several different events to cover all sectors – from ingredients and FDF (finished dosage forms) to machinery, packaging, outsourcing and biopharmaceuticals.

At this year’s show in Frankfurt, key topics will include the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, rising energy costs, digitalization, sustainable procurement and the challenge of ensuring supply when faced with global shortages.

“Quality is crucial in our industry, and pursuing excellence in research and development, smooth-running processes and innovative products are more important than ever, too – which is why we’re looking forward to presenting the wide variety of products we carry from functional excipients and active ingredients to our business partners at the expo, and to discussing the latest developments in the pharmaceutical world.

Trends and new patterns of disease automatically bring new drugs to the market, but it’s not just the drugs that are continually responding to changes; consumers are also changing more and more. Their interest in healthcare has grown, and they are spending more time researching health-related topics on the Internet. They are living more consciously, paying attention to personalized nutrition and – for example – the importance of healthy intestinal flora,” explains Franziska Steller, Business Manager Health Care at Nordmann.

“Sustainability will be a matter of great importance at the 2022 CPHI Frankfurt, especially with some voices speculating that the pharmaceutical industry surpasses even the automotive sector in terms of its CO2 emissions. For this reason, sustainability will need to become more firmly anchored in the industry’s regulatory framework – and its role in providing responsible and comprehensive healthcare will need to be recognized and further expanded on an international level. As a globally operating distribution company, at Nordmann we treat sustainability as an important piece of our corporate strategy and see it as an environmental and social responsibility as well as an economic one,” adds Petra Fisch, Sales Director Life Sciences at Nordmann.

Nordmann is pleased to have Mingtai return as a co-exhibitor at the show. The Taiwanese company is one of the world’s biggest producers of microcrystalline cellulose and croscarmellose sodium, two materials that play an important role in the pharmaceutical industry as excipients for tablet and capsule production. Nordmann distributes Mingtai’s COMPRECEL®, DISOLCEL® and NEOCEL® products and is looking forward to showcasing them in person at the trade fair. 

Visitors to the 2022 CPHI Frankfurt will find Nordmann at Booth A120120 in Hall 12 from November 1-3.