15 Mar 2022

A long-lasting solid: the Cotton Face Care Stick

Less waste means more for nature! Many consumers nowadays like to use environmentally friendly toiletries, and it's no wonder: sustainable products like Nordmann’s new Cotton Face Care Stick also have a number of other benefits. 

At first glance, the Cotton Face Care Stick looks a bit like an oversized lip balm. The solid face cream is meant to be spread onto dry or slightly moistened skin, after which it can be gently massaged in.

High-yield performance without preservatives

Newly designed and produced inside the Nordmann Lab, the Cotton Face Care Stick represents a small sustainability miracle in more ways than one. “What makes this product special is that, as a solid, it doesn’t contain any water,” says Annika Kramer, a senior application scientist at Nordmann who helped develop the Cotton Face Care Stick formulation. “This makes it very different from the conventional creams that come in tubes and jars, as the water content in those is about 70%. In our Cotton Face Care Stick and the other solid personal care formulations that we produce, we use mostly fats, waxes and oils.” This also protects the environment, because water is a precious resource that needs to be managed carefully. Today, around four billion people are affected by water shortages, and according to figures from the UN’s 2021 World Water Development Report, this situation could get a lot worse in the future. Being made without water makes Nordmann’s Cotton Face Care Stick particularly economical: it saves on weight, which in turn reduces the CO2 impact of transport. What’s more, concludes Kramer: “Without water on the list of ingredients, we don’t have to use any preservatives.”

Algae-based instead of palm-based

Those who enjoy the feeling of fresh and smooth skin after applying the new Cotton Face Care Stick may do so with a clear conscience, because it contains natural ingredients like AAK’s Lipex 109 S™, a vegetable oil extracted from cotton seeds that leaves skin feeling silky. In addition, Lubrizol’s microalgae-based AlgaPūr™ features as an emollient in the formulation. “We’re happy to be using these sustainable ingredients in the laboratory,” says Kramer.

This latest water-free innovation from the Nordmann Lab is rounded off with TechnicoFlor’s Pomme de Pin & Laine fragrance – and if you close your eyes when applying the cream, you might be reminded of clean, white cotton sheets fluttering in the breeze on a clothesline. That’s the cottonseed oil, and what makes this new skincare item twice as good.

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