19 Apr 2022

New in the world of lactobacilli: postbiotics and parabiotics

Nordmann will be presenting a variety of formulations from Cell Biotech that combine postbiotic and parabiotic effects with the benefits of live lactobacilli at the 2022 Vitafoods Europe in Geneva.

Cell Biotech is Nordmann’s partner for lacto- and bifidobacteria, as well as the patent holder of the special LAB2PRO™ protection technology. Nordmann will be showcasing the new Prolac-T™ from Cell Biotech at this year’s Vitafoods Europe trade show. A highly innovative product featuring heat-killed bacterial cells from Cell Biotech’s L. acidophilus, Prolac-T™ delivers the postbiotic and a parabiotic effects that represent the next stage of evolution in the world of lactobacilli.

Gut health and other physiological benefits

Taking immobilized probiotics, also known as parabiotics, can trigger positive biological responses such as flushing out inflammatory endotoxins. Similar to probiotics in function, parabiotics can also help to restore intestinal balance.

Postbiotics, also known as metabiotics, biogenes or metabolites, are soluble factors – metabolites or byproducts – secreted by living bacteria or released after bacterial lysis. Postbiotics also reduce various pathogenic agents.

It’s all in the combination

Cell Biotech combines the post- and parabiotic effects of Prolac-TTM with the benefits of live lactobacilli specially protected by the company’s patented LAB2PROTM technology. With this specific combination, gut health and overall well-being can be improved significantly in a highly efficient way.

A variety of new Cell Biotech formulations, manufactured entirely in-house, now feature this combination. Customers can purchase these through Nordmann and choose customized label designs and product names. They can be supplied within a few weeks of order with guaranteed cell counts and no additional stability testing in the form of capsules, chewable tablets and/or sticks.


Distributed in Germany and Switzerland.



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