10 Nov 2021

Healthy food or great taste? We want both!

Yeast extracts from Nordmann-partner Biorigin make it easy for food manufacturers to create healthy and great-tasting plant-based products that consumers will enjoy.

The Brazilian company’s Bionis product line offers a variety of ways to add savory, umami and natural flavors to plant-based foods, as well as good mouthfeel. Natural and 100% vegan, all Bionis products also contain a nutritious array of proteins, free amino acids, energizing carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals needed to support health.

Plant-based nutrition is on the rise

More and more consumers are starting to follow a meat-free, vegetarian or vegan diet, with 18% of the world’s population* intending to eat fewer animal-based foods in the future. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthy and mindful lifestyle practices are becoming increasingly important – and for many, that includes making plant-based nutrition choices.

For manufacturers of plant-based foods, the demands of modern consumers are diverse and challenging. They want products that are filling, nutritious and able to deliver on taste – but making healthy, clean-label and meat-free recipes like these has proven to be easier said than done.

Flavor and seasoning for plant-based products

Yeast extracts from Nordmann-partner Biorigin help manufacturers of plant-based foods meet the tough range of demands put on healthy eating:

  • Intense meat flavors: Biorigin yeast extracts are available in a range of flavors that can mimic both red and white meat.
  • Umami and roasted notes: Tasty dishes can be created featuring umami and roasted flavors of varying strengths.
  • The aromatic and umami flavors of Bionis yeast extracts can be used to mask the off-flavors that are often typical of plant-based foods.
  • The extracts create a base of savory flavors for manufacturers to build on while also improving overall mouthfeel.
  • Clean label: made naturally through the fermentation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, Biorigin’s Bionis products are considered to be 100% natural ingredients that – like herbs and spices – can enhance the flavor of food and boost the taste profiles of low-sodium recipes.

For vegetarian burgers and/or nuggets, Nordmann distributes the following products:

Savory flavors and mouthfeel: BIONIS YE XP

This is a premium yeast extract that adds body, mouthfeel and a savory taste to vegan recipes.


Dark yeast extracts that impart a mild to strong savory note of roasted meats, complementing and balancing the overall flavor of a variety of products (including non-meat recipes).


These are yeast extracts with natural 5'-nucleotides that impart savory and umami flavors, bringing up and balancing the overall taste profile of plant-based food products.

Roasted flavors and umami: BIONIS YE GMX DK

This is a brown baker’s yeast extract high in natural 5'-nucleotides and that features a rich, dark-roasted flavor to intensify the overall taste of meat-free recipes. This product also adds color and can be used to balance out reduced sodium content.


Distributed in Germany.



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