29 Nov 2021

Chocolate: always worth the temptation!

Chocolate is a much-loved treat in many parts of the world – and Germany is no exception. With around 5.7 kilograms* of different chocolate products consumed per capita each year, Germany stands as one of Europe’s most important markets for the sweet and time-honored indulgence.

High-quality raw materials for top-quality chocolate

Nordmann-partner Altinmarka is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cocoa powder and chocolate products. Today, the Turkish company processes more than 200 tons of cocoa beans per day and has a production capacity of 270,000 tons per year.

For chocolate and cocoa products, quality starts with the cocoa bean itself – which is why Altinmarka only uses premium cocoa beans and sources the majority of all beans from ‘main crop’ Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire, preferred by many manufacturers for their rich and classic cocoa flavor. The highest quality standards apply to all Altinmarka’s products, and the company carries ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) certification. All of its products are also kosher and halal and on top of that in 2012 Altinmarka’s factory was awarded "Europe's Best Cocoa and Chocolate Factory of the Year" by the European Candy Kettle Club. 

Nordmann distributes a wide-ranging portfolio in both Germany and Austria

Nordmann offers an extensive range of cocoa products, including natural and alkalized cocoa masses ranging in fat content (52-56%) and pH values (5.8- 6.2), in addition to natural and alkalized cocoa powders in a variety of colors (light brown to reddish-brown to black), with fat content levels ranging between 5 and 22% and pH values between 5.2 and 10.4.

Nordmann’s portfolio also features many varieties of white, milk and dark chocolate products. Whether purchased in blocks, bars, rounds, as chocolate chips or in liquid form, all of Nordmann’s chocolate can be supplied with different percentages of cocoa, sugar (starting at no added sugar) and milk content.

Altinmarka’s natural and deodorized cocoa butter is also available from Nordmann in three color shades: light, clear and yellow-gold.

Whether sugar-free, vegan or high in protein – taste matters!

When it comes to product ingredients and their origins, transparency is becoming an increasingly important issue for many consumers. This means that the clean-label trend is also gaining ground in the chocolate industry and that there has been an upswing in demand for sustainably produced cocoa and chocolate. Sustainably produced chocolate, non-dairy and vegan options are also on the rise, especially in the case of chocolates and other chocolate products. Altinmarka can serve all of them but despite having new and higher expectations, taste remains a decisive factor among consumers.

*Data based on calculations drawn from the Statista Consumer Market Outlook.

Distributed in Austria and Germany.



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