3 Apr 2023

Ulrich Cramer becomes Nordmann's Commercial Managing Director

The Management Board of Georg Nordmann Holding Aktiengesellschaft (GNH) is delighted to announce that as of April 1, Ulrich Cramer assumed his role as Nordmann’s Commercial Managing Director. In so doing, he takes charge of Controlling, Human Resources & Organization, Information Technology, Logistics & Warehousing and Tax & Accounting. Alongside Nordmann’s Managing Director Gerd Bergmann, Mr. Cramer will be shaping the Group’s worldwide growth.

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“In Ulrich Cramer, we have gained an extremely competent and experienced new Commercial Managing Director. His expertise is a perfect match for Nordmann’s strategic objectives and expansive growth path,” enthused Irina Zschaler, CEO of GNH. GNH’s CFO Marco Bröning adds: “In particular, his international orientation, which he has demonstrated on numerous occasions, is of great benefit to us in setting up and expanding global organizational structures, especially in the commercial divisions of  Nordmann. As a strong business and sparring partner, Ulrich Cramer will support his Co-Managing Director with his commercial expertise”. Managing Director Gerd Bergmann also warmly welcomes Ulrich Cramer: “On a personal level, I am looking forward to engaging in a fruitful collaboration with Mr. Cramer, and I wish him a great start with us at  Nordmann in the beautiful city of Hamburg.”

Ulrich Cramer has held several operational and strategically minded positions for over 15 years now, spending the last seven at the helm of a middle-sized group in the electrical industry. His expertise as a business developer and motivator also go far beyond traditional commercial management, as he brings experience in logistics, services, manufacturing, quality management and global OEM operations to the table as well.

Having brought Mr. Cramer on board the  Nordmann management team will now provide the company with everything necessary to overcome the challenges posed by a constantly changing market. It will also allow the business to focus on its growth strategy and thus successfully secure the future of the Group.

Ulrich Cramer, Commercial Managing Director of Nordmann