17 Aug 2021

Trinseo expands its portfolio of latex binders for abrasive items

Nordmann partner Trinseo is expanding its portfolio of latex binders! Francis Dobler, Senior Research Development & Tech Service Specialist for CASE latex binders at Trinseo, spoke with us about the new opportunities that are being created for customers.

What benefits can Trinseo’s newly expanded portfolio offer customers?

Francis Dobler:  We offer customers a full selection of latex binders for abrasives, ranging from very soft to very hard. The new grades that our company has added deliver greater flexibility, enhanced high-temperature performance and better resistance to chemicals and cooling water. These offer major advantages to customers, since many applications require adhesive formulations to withstand high temperatures, and manufacturers want substrates with high chemical resistance. Our expertise in nonwovens and the textiles market has also helped us to develop new products and approaches to support related industries. As a result, we are able to offer abrasives and latex binders that provide helpful solutions and meet the specific and individual requirements of our customers.

Why do abrasives need to have binders with varying degrees of hardness?

Francis Dobler: Abrasive products each have their own specific requirements relating to stiffness or softness, depending on the intended end use. Abrasive sheets or discs require medium to high stiffness, for example, while an abrasive belt will need a higher degree of flexibility. Latex stiffness must be adjusted accordingly.

Why latex?

Francis Dobler: The use of latex in abrasive products is cutting edge nowadays. Latex is adaptable and wonderful to process, making it suitable for an exceptionally wide range of applications. The new latex products we supply are an extension of our existing portfolio, helping our customers take their abrasive products to the next level of innovation.

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