5 Jun 2023

Sustainable by heart

The Nordmann team is looking forward to its upcoming “Nordmann Sustainability Week: Personal Care” event, taking place virtually from June 19-23. Many of Nordmann’s suppliers and experts will be giving presentations on sustainable products, natural raw materials and reducing carbon footprint. Nordmann News had a chance to speak with Legolas Lohmeier, a student in Nordmann’s dual study program, and discuss his take on sustainability – especially as a member of the younger generation.

Legolas Lohmeier, student in Nordmann’s dual study program
Legolas Lohmeier, student in Nordmann’s dual study program

You started your dual study program at Nordmann a little less than a year ago, with the aim of obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BWL). How important is the topic of sustainability to you in your everyday life, and with respect to cosmetic products?

Legolas Lohmeier: Every morning on my way to work, I start my day with a small step towards greater sustainability – I take the train to Hamburg. And when I buy cosmetic products such as lotions or shower gels, I now prefer products that contain a high proportion of natural and renewable raw materials.

You've worked in several departments at Nordmann, including Personal Care and HI&I . How do you see sustainability in these industries?

Legolas Lohmeier: What’s striking is that for many customers, it’s very important that raw materials come with a NATRUE, COSMOS or ECOCERT seal. It’s also clear that this demand is based on the interests of end consumers. Industry in general needs to keep adapting and evolving in more sustainable directions.  

The “Nordmann Sustainability Week: Personal Care” event will soon be taking place at Nordmann for the first time. What kind of expectations and hopes do you have for it?

Legolas Lohmeier: I’m hoping that customers will come away with an awareness of our new sustainable raw materials and then use them to make their products. I hope that they’ll see what’s possible now with these types of ingredients, as well as the positive impact they have on reducing carbon footprint.