28 Jul 2021

Spotlighting innovative cultures

By placing a strong focus on research and development, the Dutch DSM is continuing to create innovative solutions for the cheese and dairy industry with the added support of recently-acquired culture manufacturer CSK. Customers are already seeing the benefits.

New cultures, innovative possibilities: ever since the Dutch culture manufacturer CSK merged with DSM – a long-standing Nordmann partner – customers from the fresh dairy and cheese sectors have been benefitting from the company’s larger selection of products. Now featuring cultures for twaróg (Polish farmer’s cheese), the DSM portfolio has been expanded to include Ceska Star bulk starter cultures for traditional Gouda-style cheeses and FlavorWheel flavor cultures as well.

“Having added Dairy Safe™ cultures to the DSM portfolio allows us to address growing customer interest in the bio-protection of dairy products,″ says Nicolas Touillon, Business Director of Fresh Dairy at DSM Food Specialities. Dairy Safe™ was developed to prevent spoilage-related defects that can occur during the cheese ripening process when not using preservatives or other additives.

In addition to a broad range of cultures and other ingredients to extend shelf life, DSM’s portfolio also includes enzymes.

Focus on research and development

The company puts a strong emphasis on research and development to better serve customers‘ needs in an increasingly fast-paced and competitive dairy culture market. “Modern technology and the development of new cultures should continue to allow our customers to work in innovative ways,″ says Andre de Haan, Business Director of Cheese at DSM Food Specialities. DSM’s global manufacturing network has also been expanded to include a state-of-the-art application center in Wageningen, the Netherlands, and an advanced fermentation plant in Leeurwarden to unlock unique innovation potential. What is important to both Andre de Haan and Nicolas Touillon is the continuous development of the DSM product range, as well as ensuring that the specialized portfolio of bacterial cultures from CSK and its expertise in the Dutch cheese industry are preserved for the benefit of its customers. In the future, DSM will continue to leverage its expert knowledge to bring exciting new dairy creations to the market.

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