22 Jun 2021

Performance additives from Inhance Technologies for higher surface energy

The UH-1000 series of performance additives from Nordmann-partner Inhance Technologies delivers a special combination of attractive properties, including being highly compatible, dispersible in formulated systems and able to provide outstanding wear resistance.

The challenge

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a special plastic because it has the highest sliding friction resistance and notched impact strength of any commercially available plastic, while also having a low coefficient of friction.

Like most other polymers, however, UHMWPE has a low level of surface energy of around 30 dynes/cm, which is why the material is difficult to incorporate as an additive in elastomers that feature high surface energy. This limits the range of its use considerably, particularly when looking at applications in the CASE industry.

The solution

Inhance Technologies has come up with an innovative solution to this problem, using a special proprietary process to increase the surface energy of UHMWPE high-performance additives from 30 dyn/cm to approximately 70 dyn/cm. This increase is permanent and has profound effects on dispersibility and wettability. Inhance Technologies surface-activation treatment is the only way to disperse UHMWPE particles in aqueous media without incorporating surfactants, chemical agents, saponifiers and/or other additives.

The performance additives from Inhance Technologies are used around the world for demanding applications in which abrasion and wear resistance are critical to product performance. The UH-1000 series is a particularly interesting product family that offers customers many distinct advantages.

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