12 Oct 2020

Nordmann extends sales partnership with Repol to the whole of Europe

October 12, 2020 – Nordmann is expanding its existing partnership with Repol and is now participating in distribution for the European market.

Nordmann France (COPCI sas) and Repol have been working together successfully since July 2020. The partnership has now been intensified and applies throughout Europe.

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Repol, headquartered in Castellón (Spain), and since April 2019, an UBE Group company, develops, processes and markets engineering plastics for injection molding and extrusion. Nordmann is participating in the distribution of the products in Europe. "We are very proud of this special and loyal partnership with Repol," says Jost E. Laumeyer, Global Sales Director Plastics at Nordmann. "The expansion of the distribution rights accentuates our strategic approach of long-term partnerships."

Repol's product portfolio includes Dinalon® PA6 and PA 66, Dinarex® ABS-Dinaxan® PC, Dinadur® PBT and Dinatron®-PPS compounds as well PA/ABS ABS/PC and PBT/PC blends. It should be emphasized that REPOL offers these compounds together with a wide range of additives to meet specific customer technical requirements. Among the additives are flame retardants, impact modifiers, various fillers, UV and heat stabilizers, and additives to increase electrical conductivity. The main markets are the automotive industry, electrical and electronics industry and various industrial applications.

Repol is an important partner for Nordmann, as the technical compounds offer high added value for customers. Thanks to its capacity for innovation, responsiveness and flexibility, Repol can offer tailor-made solutions for the customer.

Repol produces its engineering plastics on a total of nine production lines, with a capacity of approximately 15,000 tons per year. "I am very much looking forward to continuing to work with such a powerful, internationally active distribution company as Nordmann. Our companies share the same values and I am convinced that we will provide the best possible service to our customers in Europe and initiate strategically important projects," states Alejandro Blesa, Commercial Manager at Repol.