3 Nov 2020

Nordmann expands partnership with Caremoli

November 3, 2020 - Nordmann is immediately managing the German distribution of Caremoli Spa’s Carepsyllium, a high-purity psyllium husk powder. This move represents an expansion of Nordmann’s existing partnership with Caremoli, a family company whose tradition started in Italy in 1908.

Carepsyllium, a high-purity psyllium husk powder

Nordmann has been working with Caremoli for the past five years, distributing the company’s psyllium husk powder, vegetable proteins and gluten free blends throughout the Nordic countries of Sweden and Denmark. Caremoli has now awarded Nordmann the distribution rights to supply its psyllium husk powder on the German market as well.

Caremoli’s Carepsyllium high-purity psyllium husk powder is a natural and versatile source of dietary fiber with an excellent nutritional profile and unique water-binding properties. The psyllium is harvested and processed in India but undergoes final analyses also in Italy and Germany.

Carepsyllium comes in purity grades that range from 95% to 99%, is pH-stable and GMO-free (free from genetically modified organisms). An organic variety is also available. So it is organic, kosher and Halal-certified.

“The German market is an especially attractive one for us now, as we see a lot of potential there for the distribution of our psyllium husk powder. We are therefore particularly pleased to be partnering with Nordmann on this because they are a well-known player in the field. Our businesses also share the same values and similar roots, with Caremoli’s family history in the food sector starting in 1908 and Nordmann being founded just four years later, in 1912,″ explains Stefano Avanti, CEO of Caremoli.

“Nordmann is a very well-known and trusted international chemical distributor making it an important asset for Caremoli’s medium/long-term strategy. On the other hand, Caremoli is one of the top producers of functional ingredients and blends which add to Nordmann’s product portfolio and facilitate their expansion into new business areas,” adds Alberto Redaelli, Export Manager of Caremoli.

Annelie Eknäs Ekdahl, Managing Director at Nordmann Nordic AB, adds: “The positive feedback we have received from our customers, together with the successful cooperation we have shared with Caremoli over the past years, have encouraged us to continue the cooperation and indeed extend our partnership to cover the German market. We are certain that we will be able to achieve together the ambitious goals we’ve set for 2021.″