24 Jul 2023

Changes in the Management Board of Nordmann Poland. Tomasz Serafinski will retire.

Tomasz Serafinski was Managing Director of Nordmann Poland for more than 33 years. First in the Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH & CO branch office Warszawa, founded in 1990, and from 1998 in Nordmann, Rassmann Polska Sp. z o.o., founded in 1993. During this long time, he had a significant influence on the company.

On 31.07.2023, he will take his well-deserved retirement and hand over the previously shared responsibility to his brother Mariusz Serafinski.

Tomasz Serafinksi
Tomasz Serafinksi
Mariusz Serafinski
Mariusz Serafinski

The Nordmann Management and the Georg Nordmann Holding would like to express their sincere thanks to Tomasz for his outstanding achievements. It is mainly thanks to him and his brother Mariusz that Nordmann Poland has developed very successfully since its foundation. We have greatly appreciated his commitment, perseverance, and passion as Managing Director.

Irina Zschaler, CEO of Georg Nordmann Holding Aktiengesellschaft (GNH), recalls the many years of cooperation: "I was able to get to know Tomasz and Mariusz Serafinski as a trainee at Nordmann, and their professional know-how and trustworthy support have accompanied me throughout all my stations in the company since then. Initially in the Food, Coatings or Composites departments, our exchange at eye level intensified from 2012 onwards in my function as Division Manager Central and Eastern Europe. On behalf of the entire group of companies, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Tomasz and his brother Mariusz, who have played a decisive role in the continuous positive development in Poland. As true team players, they have contributed to the growth of the entire group through entrepreneurial action and a committed focus on the future. Personally, I wish Tomasz a good start to his next chapter in life, which will be as successful and fulfilling for him as his impressive achievements for the Nordmann Group."

From 24.07.2023, Mariusz Serafinski has assumed overall responsibility for Nordmann Poland as President of the Board and from 01.08.2023 as sole Managing Director. In this function he will continue to report to the management of Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH in Hamburg, Dr. Gerd Bergmann and Ulrich Cramer.

We are also very pleased to announce that Małgorzata Wąsowska has joined the Nordmann Poland management team as Head of Accounting / Main Accountant on 01.07.2023. She became a Board Member of Nordmann, Rassmann Polska Sp. z o.o. on 24.07.2023. Malgorzata has been working externally for Nordmann Poland for some time already and is therefore very familiar with the company. We are delighted that she is now a permanent part of Nordmann's circle of colleagues.

We wish Tomasz Serafinski all the best and good health for the coming new phase of his life and Mariusz Serafinski and Małgorzata Wąsowska continued success and good luck for the demanding tasks.


Dr. Gerd Bergmann & Ulrich Cramer
Nordmann Managing Board