1 Jul 2021

Nordmann begins distributing pigment “chips″ from Mifar

Hamburg, 01.07.2021: The international chemical distributor Nordmann is now integrating Mifar’s pigment chips into its product range and will  marketing them throughout most European countries as of now. (excluding Spain, France and Portugal)

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Nordmann has gained an excellent supplier of solid pigmented preparations (or “chips″) through Mifar and its 40-year history in manufacturing. Common applications for Mifar’s products include printing inks, paints and coatings.

The pigment chips, which are based on various polymers, serve as a perfect synergist for Nordmann’s existing portfolio.

Mifar’s product range is very broad, offering the best possible levels of performance in terms of color fastness, transparency, gloss, rheology and dispersion. Another advantage is that the predispersions require no grinding following the dispersion process. This ensures that both small and large ink and coatings manufacturers can produce batches of different sizes.

“Our aim is to grow steadily, to further expand our portfolio and to attract new customers. Having Mifar and its high-performance monopigmented solid dispersions will help us pursue these goals,” commented Peter Kuchenbrod, Business Manager Coatings & Inks at Nordmann.

“We are pleased to have gained a partner as Nordmann with such a broad reach to market our products in Europe, allowing us to guarantee an efficient commercial and logistics service to our customers. This is an important step forward for us, addressing the opportunities and challenges of the future development in our market.″ added Andrea Meli, CEO of Mifar.