14 Jun 2023

New partnership with Plantapharm

Multinational chemical distributor Nordmann is starting a new partnership with Plantapharm, a plant extract manufacturer serving the personal care industry. The new cooperation is effective immediately in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia, supplied by the Nordmann AT Group.

Plantapharm Logo

Nordmann is pleased to announce its new partnership with Plantapharm, an Austrian family business that supplies a wide range of high-quality plant extracts based on a variety of solvents. The valuable ingredients Plantapharm produces are used to make high-quality skin, hair and foot care products such as moisturizers, lotions, soaps, emulsions, hair treatments, shampoos, bath formulations etc.

All Plantapharm’s extracts are obtained using gentle, cold-extraction methods (i. e. percolation) that are based on extensive years of experience. The advantage of using this type of processing technology is that it allows for an almost full and complete release of a plant’s active botanical substances.

Plantapharm's standard or specialty product solutions are primarily vegan, produced without animal testing and comply with the EU Cosmetics Regulation.

Nordmann’s Plantapharm range includes:

  • Biocorno® vitamin oils (particularly rich and stable)
  • Plantafluids® (plant extracts extracted with propylene glycol and water)
  • Plantafluid® Complexes (synergistic combinations of plant-based active agents)
  • Cyto® Plants (plant extracts extracted with glycerin and water)
  • Cyto® Plants KBA (certified organic plant extracts for use in organic cosmetics)
  • Cyto® Plant Complexes (synergistic combinations of plant-based active agents)
  • Cyto® Oil (fat-soluble plant extracts extracted with Biocorno® Vitamin Oil or natural oil)
  • Propolis (features anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties to strengthen the immune system naturally)

Živka Widter, Senior Technical Sales & Product Manager Life Sciences at Nordmann Austria, explains: “Plantapharm has specialized in the production of plant extracts for more than 75 years now. It has a dedicated team of experts with a wide range of scientific and technical know-how. They are always focused on innovation, providing the best service.”

Jakob Diwald, Managing Director of Plantapharm, adds: “Continuous research and development, as well as in-depth expertise, is what allows us to develop application-specific phyto-complexes and customized plant extracts. In close cooperation with our customers, we offer tailor-made solutions to satisfy their requirements and objectives. In this respect, we share a wonderful similarity with our Nordmann partners; their experts also leverage their application knowledge and industry expertise to support customers in every way they can. They have been at it for 111 years, too, and we congratulate them on their milestone anniversary this year! Both of our companies have a long history and a wealth of experience to draw on for all our upcoming projects.”

Günter Handler, Managing Director of the Nordmann AT Group, adds: “Together, our companies share a combined know-how of almost 200 years. Our partnership represents an exciting synergy of two companies that always strive to deliver flawless service to customers. I am very much looking forward to where our cooperation with Plantapharm takes us.”