20 Sep 2023

New partnership with H.B. Fuller

Multinational chemical distributor Nordmann has recently entered a new partnership with H.B. Fuller to distribute CILBOND rubber bonding agents throughout Germany.

H.B. Fuller Logo

H.B. Fuller is a leading global adhesives provider based out of St. Paul, Minnesota (US). With production plants and research institutes all over the world, H.B. Fuller’s rubber bonding agents are developed and produced in Preston, England.

Nordmann is optimistic about the future of this new cooperation and the opportunity it presents to support customers and further expand the market for rubber bonding agents in Germany.

H.B. Fuller's broad CILBOND portfolio allows rubber to adhere to a wide range of substrates, including steel, aluminum, thermoplastics, fabrics, glass fibers and ceramics. Its range features single-layer and two-layer systems (consisting of primer and cover) as well as solvent-based and waterborne products.

The advantage of single-coat systems over two-coat systems is that they only need to be applied once, cutting down on material requirements without compromising on adhesion. Furthermore, the use of only one adhesive makes both procurement and storage simpler. Faster drying times also reduce the chance of errors, the complexity of the coating process and the amount of time and energy needed for processing.

H.B. Fuller’s products can be used to support many different types of applications, including:

  • anti-vibration components (springs, shock absorbers, engine mounts, etc.)
  • coil coatings
  • bridge bearings
  • industrial tank linings
  • pump linings
  • pressure rollers
  • stators
  • seals and gaskets
  • brake linings and much more

As Jan Büker, Technical Sales & Product Manager Silicones & Electronics at Nordmann, remarks: “We are very excited about the new partnership with H.B. Fuller. Many of our customers will benefit greatly from the company’s products, especially those who no longer want to work with large amounts of volatile organic solvents (VOCs) for sustainability reasons, or who need to cut down on solvents due to stricter legal requirements. With H.B. Fuller at our side, we can offer them innovative solutions and more environmentally friendly single-coat or two-coat systems based on water with minimal VOCs. This gives our new partnership great potential for the future.”

Marcus Hunter, Commercial Director Bonding Agents - EIMEA at H.B. Fuller, adds: “Nordmann is an internationally renowned company in the field of chemical distribution that has made a name for itself in the market due to a high level of expertise and application-specific know-how. The business has been based on this for 111 years, and it’s why we see Nordmann as exactly the right partner for our products. Congratulations on this year’s big anniversary!”