13 Apr 2021

New cooperation with Carbon Core Europe

Hamburg, April 13, 2021: Nordmann is expanding its product range to now distribute laminable core materials from Carbon Core Europe in Germany.

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Nordmann has just gained an excellent supplier of laminable core materials for the production of lightweight and stable GRP components: Carbon Core Europe. These materials are popularly used in both boat-building and wind turbines, as well as for applications in both the commercial vehicle and construction industries.

Carbon Core Europe’s laminable core materials (SphereCel PE, SphereCel GF, SphereCel SBF, SphereCel SBF Type CM, SphereCel PrintBlock, SphereCel HX Type CM and SphereCel HX Type OM) consist of reinforced nonwovens volumized with thermoplastic microspheres. Different materials are available for open and closed manufacturing processes and in thicknesses ranging from 1.2 to 10 mm. The materials are suitable for producing a wide variety of fiber-reinforced, flat or three-dimensionally shaped components in thicknesses ranging from 4 to 30 mm. SphereCel products can be used to make components that are similar to solid glass laminates in terms of their strength but which also weigh 40-60% less.

“We are looking forward to working with Nordmann, a global company whose passion for distributing raw materials now reaches back over 100 years – and at the highest levels of quality! Even though we have not been on the market as long as Nordmann, our ambition is still to offer innovative products and develop optimal solutions for our customers,” remarked Siggi Gerhards, Technical Manager at Carbon Core Europe.

“Carbon Core Europe’s SphereCel products address the needs of an industry sector that conventional core materials such as balsa or foam cannot. The materials in the range hit two important targets at the same time: comparable rigidity at a lower weight and the ability to produce three-dimensional designs. That’s what convinced our team, and we’re sure our customers will be convinced as well,″ added Heidi Hinrichs, Sales Director of Coatings & Construction at Nordmann.