6 May 2021

Natural beauty boost with Bioyouth™-EGT Pro

Bloomage Biotech has just launched a new active ingredient for facial creams to improve the look of the skin and provide many other benefits: Bioyouth™-EGT Pro.

More and more people these days want to have skin that looks youthful and radiant. As time goes by, however, the signs of age become increasingly apparent. There are many factors that play a role in this, including diet, lifestyle and genetics.

Bloomage Biotech, a Nordmann partner and globally operating company headquartered in Jinan, China, is an expert in the production of hyaluronic acid – a naturally-occuring substance used in the beauty industry to successfully combat wrinkles. Prior to this latest product launch of Bioyouth™-EGT Pro, Bloomage developed and released Bioyouth™-EGT, an active ingredient used primarily in facial creams to nurture healthy-looking skin.

Bioyouth™-EGT Pro: ten times the ergothioneine

The decisive difference between the recently-launched and COSMOS-certified Bioyouth™-EGT Pro (INCI Ergothioneine, Tricholoma Matsutake Mycelium ferment extract, Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate, Trehalose) and its predecessor Bioyouth™-EGT is that the Pro version features a very low-molecular hyaluronic acid microHA™. It also contains ten times the amount of ergothioneine (EGT), a derivative of the amino acid histidine which is a unique antioxidant and cell-protecting agent in the human body. As a person’s age increases, the EGT content in their red blood cells (erythrocytes) decreases; in healthy individuals over 50, for example, this can sink to around 75% of prior levels. The human body cannot produce EGT itself.

As production methods of EGT are crucial, Bloomage utilizes a sophisticated fermentation process to manufacture the products needed for its Bioyouth™ EGT line. The materials themselves are derived from the Hericium erinaceus (lion’s mane) and matsutake mushrooms, and the fermentation process allows for an increased yield of EGT. While the Hericium ericaneus contains all the amino acids essential for humans, the matsutake mushroom is considered to be the “king of mushrooms”, especially in Japan, since it is not only a delicacy but also offers a host of other health-boosting properties.

It’s all in the mix

Mixing ergothioneine with the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid microHA™ (<5,000 Da) allows the two active ingredients to penetrate deep into the sublayers of the skin. Having anti-inflammatory as well as very strong reconstructive properties also ensures that Bioyouth™-EGT Pro can effectively promote a healthy, fresh-looking glow.

The material is available in powder form and offers the following benefits:

  • protects mitochondria and cell DNA from UV-A damage
  • prevents early cell death
  • increases resistance to photodegradation
  • acts as a powerful antioxidant
  • smoothes wrinkles
  • improves skin texture

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