22 Sep 2017

With the acquisition of Melrob Group Holdings Ltd., The NRC Group takes over European distribution of Evonik methacrylate monomers

As of 1 October and together with the newly acquired Melrob Group Holdings Ltd. (Melrob), The NRC Group will be launching a strategic alliance with Darmstadt-based Evonik Performance Materials GmbH (Evonik) concerning methacrylate monomers.

Melrob and The NRC Group have recently been awarded the rights to distribute Evonik's Visiomer®-brand products throughout Europe (excluding CIS), with Melrob's extensive available product know-how having played a key role in this new development. "With our Group's in-depth expertise concerning the industry and the complete geographical coverage it has here in Europe, we were able to put forward a convincing concept together," says Irina Zschaler, Managing Director of Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH.

"On behalf of Nordmann, Rassmann and Melrob, we are delighted that Evonik has chosen to entrust us with the European distribution of its long-standing and successful Visiomer® products," remarks Dr. Gerd Bergmann, Managing Director of Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH. Ian Melluish, Managing Director of Melrob, adds: "This is clear proof of the advantages our two companies can offer now following the merger, and that together will be even more successful."

"Evonik is convinced that realigning our distribution business in this way will allow us to address the needs of our customers better and profit from the combined experience of the two distribution companies we've chosen to work with. By taking this approach, we're positioning ourselves as a leading provider of methacrylate solutions and - together with our distribution partners - ensuring the best possible support for our customers," says Hans-Peter Hauck, head of Evonik's Methacrylates divison.

Under the brand name Visiomer®, The NRC Group will be distributing a range of standard- and speciality-grade methacrylates that can be used to meet and master the challenges found in a wide variety of applications, e.g. in the adhesives, coatings, composites and construction industries.