22 Feb 2021

Momentive: Fit for the future

Momentive is planning to undergo a new transformation. Its campus in Waterford, New York, will be evolving from a basic commodities production facility to a global center specializing in customized, advanced silicone technologies.

Behind the vision for the Waterford campus, Momentive has a goal: becoming a specialty chemicals company that can fully leverage its technological expertise and unique capabilities in order to deliver real value to customers. Momentive is investing $15 million in the production of materials for the electronics industry with which to meet the rapidly growing demand for high-tech applications. The company's innovative strength is also set to be boosted through the continuous further training of its staff.

Production for multiple fields
As of mid-2021, the new production facility and newly acquired technical know-how will be used to target a variety of high-tech applications. These include e.g. aerospace, expansion of the 5G network, telecommunications, automotive electronics and various display applications.

Nordmann is thrilled at the new opportunities that are now being presented through Momentive’s planned transformation. For a long time now, the two companies have been working together on an international basis in the electronics sector as well as other important industries. Also, as of spring of last year, Nordmann has been supplying Momentive's electronics materials to the German market.

See Nordmann News article from July 8, 2020 here:

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