28 Feb 2021

Metadynea: new name, new products

Metadynea has now begun marketing the halogen-free flame retardants it produces in Krems, Austria under a new brand name: Sacoflam. At the same time, the company is launching two new products for wood applications. Nordmann News spoke about the recent developments with Ralf Meier, Business Manager Flame Retardants at Nordmann.

Why the rebrand?

Whenever the name “Sacoflam″ is mentioned in the future, its connection to Metadynea and the halogen-free flame retardants that the company produces in Krems should also be called to mind. The ultimate goal is, of course, to increase visibility and recognition value on the market. To this end, all the existing products are now being marketed under the new Sacoflam label.

New products are being launched along with the rebrand. What are they?

Metadynea is launching two new halogen-free, phosphoric acid-based flame retardants for wood applications: Sacoflam 31201 and Sacoflam 31242. These are both liquid, transparent and low-viscosity products.

What is the difference between the two products?

Sacoflam 31201 was developed primarily for waterproofing wood-based materials such as particleboard or veneer and is suitable for use on different types of wood. It can also be used in cellulose fibers and kraft papers. The pH neutral Sacoflam 31242, on the other hand, is intended for use in intumescent systems in coatings, textiles and – of course – wood.




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