8 Mar 2023

Low-formaldehyde superplasticizers from Melamin

Since formaldehyde last underwent reclassification by the EU, companies are being pressured to manufacture products with as little free formaldehyde as possible. Melamin offers support with a range of low-formaldehyde superplasticizers based on melamine.

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Their ability to regulate the consistency of concrete as well as of gypsum-based products and to reduce the amount of water required makes them very popular additives for construction applications.

Melapret AAS 40/LF, Melapret AAS 40/LFE, Melapret AAS 40/S and Melapret AAS 40/G each feature a level of free formaldehyde that is consistently below 0.1% (measured according to ISO 11402:2004 standards).

Melapret AAS 100/LF as well as Melapret AAS-100/G are low-formaldehyde plasticizers that Melamin supplies in powder form for use in dry mortar applications such as flowing screeds, leveling compounds or grouts.


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