14 Dec 2020

Kraton’s bio-based materials: building blocks for a successful bioeconomy

Kraton, a long-standing supplier of Nordmann, is continuously innovating its portfolio of bio-based products in alignment with bioeconomic objectives. Together with Kraton, Nordmann offers a wide range of bio-based tackifiers relevant for (but not limited to) adhesives and sealants formulations.

By providing the adhesives market with a broad portfolio of bio-based products, Kraton’s activities are aligned with the bioeconomy’s objectives to reduce dependence on non-renewables and promote the efficient use of natural resources.

One of Kraton’s primary raw materials originates from pine trees from responsibly managed pine forests. Dealing with natural products, however, is not without challenges; they can be complex, highly functionalized and more difficult to stabilize. These issues cause some adhesives producers to turn to alternatives based on non-renewable materials, which can be lighter in color and more stable but have a higher carbon footprint.

For these reasons, Kraton launched its REvolution™ technology to produce rosin esters with a light color and improved stability. Adhesive formulators no longer have to choose between performance and sustainability.

For more details, watch the REvolution™ video:

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