19 Jul 2021

Ingredion launches textured pulse proteins in Europe

Derived from peas and fava beans, Ingredion’s new textured proteins offer 65% protein on a dry basis and enable manufacturers to formulate non-soy based, gluten-free meat alternatives.

Nordmann partner Ingredion EMEA has launched its textured pulse proteins, Vitessence Tex, across Europe. The new proteins are designed to help manufacturers create meat alternatives and vegan ready meals that deliver taste and meat-like texture with a balanced nutritional profile.

Severine Bensa, Plant Based Protein Platform Lead EMEA at Ingredion EMEA, said: “More and more consumers are cutting down on meat and exploring exciting new plant-based meat alternatives. Retail sales of plant-based meat alternatives in Europe have grown by almost 10% per year over the last 10 years, driven by the rise in flexitarian consumers who want to limit their meat intake.

“Studies also show that a meat-eater’s diet can produce almost double the CO2 emissions of a vegan diet, so it’s no surprise that eco-conscious consumers are associating plant-based diets with a more sustainable lifestyle. Alongside health and concerns about animal welfare, sustainability is one of the main reasons why consumers are choosing plant-based food and drink.”

The proteins are sourced and processed in Europe, limiting the carbon footprint of the formulations that use them. They are available in three different varieties to fit varying needs: Vitessence Tex Mince 101 textured pea protein and Mince 301 textured fava bean protein, for example, are shaped proteins suitable for use as-is or for ground meat applications such as burgers, meatballs or sausages. Chunk 101 textured pea protein, on the other hand, is “chunk”-shaped, making it suitable for different shapes and for grinding or shredding.

Working together with Nordmann as a distribution partner, Ingredion EMEA also offers a portfolio of texturizing ingredients to help manufacturers create the right eating experience in their meat alternatives.

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