17 Sep 2018

Fakuma 2018: Thermoplastic elastomers for the highest demands

New regulations are changing the market for plastics in the life science sector. Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri srl (FFE) has responded with the MARFRAN® and MARFRAN.MED® product lines to offer innovative new product solutions for the industry. The NRC Group distributes FFE’s thermoplastic elastomers in various European countries.

In both the medical technology and food industry, the demand for plastics that meet the strictest regulations and exhibit high performance with low toxicity is increasing. The MARFRAN® and MARFRAN.MED® product ranges developed by FFE combine established processing methods with approaches that meet the new challenges. As a result, they can be used as an effective replacement for vulcanized rubber and PVC.

MARFRAN.MED® and halogen-free MARFRAN.MED® AU compounds are ideal for products that require maximum safety and performance, particularly in the medical care sector. They have an antimicrobial effect and thus prevent the multiplication of microbes on the surfaces of the end products. The patented compounds contain usnic acid, an antibacterial substance naturally occurring in various lichen species. Its effect on bacteria such as Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Pneumococcus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis is particularly significant. Marfran.Med® AU was proven to be effective in its antimicrobial performance, especially against gram-positive bacteria (99.9% effective) according to the ASTME2180-07 test. The manufacturing process is carried out in accordance with ISO 13485 in a clean room of the ISO 7 class according to ISO 14644-1, which corresponds to the clean room class 10,000 according to US FED STD 209E.

With the development of MARFRAN.MED® GL and MARFRAN.MED® GLE, FFE has succeeded in developing solvent-bondable compounds (solvents cyclohexanone and THF), e.g. for bonding with PC or ABS, which are both frequently used for infusion systems. The compounds are transparent and can be used for injection molding as well as extrusion. Bonding with solvents produces no chemical residues, as the solvents used completely evaporate and ensure a clean bond. With the MARFRAN.MED® series,FFE provides solutions for the safe production of infusion sets and other medical applications such as tubes for peristaltic pumps, catheter systems or respirators.

FFE not only demonstrates its expertise in the production of plastics for medical technology. The company is also a leader in thermoplastic elastomers for food contact products. Recent changes in the food industry are creating a series of new regulations that require innovative product solutions. The MARFRAN® product range complies with EU 10/2011 and FDA regulations. They are free of phthalates, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) and polybrominated biphenyl ether (PBDE), PVC, silicone and latex throughout the production and supply chain. Moreover, MARFRAN® compounds are fully certified for contact with drinking water in both Europe and the USA. Appropriate certificates for the product series.

MARFRAN® E DRW OF and MARFRAN® E DRW HC can be provided on request. Quality grades for injection molding and extrusion are also available.

The MARFRAN® and MARFRAN.MED® product ranges from FFE offer new and innovative possibilities for the use of thermoplastic elastomers and with which manufacturers will be optimally equipped for a more stringent legal framework – in the future as well.