9 Aug 2021

Comprecel® SMCC: tableting and formulation made easy

Nordmann-partner Mingtai has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of excipients for decades now, renowned for the range of high-quality products it supplies – including Comprecel® SMCC microcrystalline cellulose and Disolcel® sodium croscarmellose. For its stability and quality in particular, Mingtai’s Comprecel® SMCC offers superior value.

Product advantages

Mingtai’s Comprecel® SMCC silicified microcrystalline cellulose is a unique combination of 98% microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) and 2% colloidal silica (CSD) particles. By using special co-processing technology that evenly distributes the colloidal silica on the surface of the MCC particles, particle sizes above the nano range are achieved. The product offers the following advantages:

  • Better tablet compression
  • Optimized flow behavior, even in formulations that use plant extracts
  • Less loss of tablet hardness when lubricants are added
  • Less dust formation during production

Advantages during production

Compared to formulations in which MCC has only been physically blended with CSD, those that incorporate Comprecel® SMCC allow a notable increase in tablet hardness to be achieved even at low pressure. Comprecel® SMCC also clearly shows much better flowability in comparison; in fact, the uniform dispersion of the CSD on the MCC particles is what gives Comprecel® SMCC its superior flowability without compromising on compacting capabilities.

Adding lubricants to a formulation usually causes tablet hardness to decrease, depending on how long the mixing process lasts. Using Comprecel® SMCC, however, can significantly mitigate these effects. Formulations that incorporate plant extracts often present special challenges when it comes to tableting as well. Here, using Mingtai’s Comprecel® SMCC can also provide an effective solution.


There are four different varieties of Mingtai’s Comprecel® SMCC:


Comprecel® SMCC 50 and 90 both vary in terms of their particle size. Comprecel® SMCC 90 HD has a higher density, while SMCC 90 LM (low moisture) makes a good choice for sensitive formulations due to its lower loss on drying (no more than 3%).

These four varieties of Comprecel® SMCC serve to complement Mingtai’s already extensive range of products, which is based on decades of experience in the manufacture of microcrystalline cellulose for nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical applications.

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