9 Aug 2021

Capa® S: the sustainable, high-performance polyol alternative for plasticizer-free PUs

Soft polyurethane without plasticizers? Nordmann-partner Ingevity makes it possible with Capa® S, a recently launched product series that allows for the production of soft and durable polyurethane that is completely plasticizer-free.




Balancing soft feel with long-lasting durability

The Capa® S series from Nordmann-partner Ingevity has been developed using patented technology that not only allows for soft thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) to be produced with standard manufacturing techniques, but can also promise end products that feature low hardness (30-60 Shore A) that is maintained over the course of the product’s full lifetime – all without the use of plasticizers! This technology offers TPU processors the opportunity to be even more competitive in developing sophisticated applications like wearables (e.g. fitness trackers, smartwatches) or car interior surfaces. Here, having a soft feel and long-lasting durability are crucial properties that until now could only be achieved by using premium products such as fluoroelastomers or silicone elastomers.

The Capa® product family makes Ingevity the world’s leading manufacturer of polycaprolactone derivatives for use in polyurethane (PU) elastomers, adhesives and coatings. The company supplies a large selection of polyols which all allow manufacturers to develop PUs that won’t quit when it comes to performance and durability.

With its global production capabilities, logistical services, innovation and technical service centers and the flexibility of Capa®’s technology itself, Ingevity is able to develop ground-breaking solutions for a wide range of applications.

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