13 Jan 2020

A growing partnership

Solna (Stockholm), January 13, 2020: As of January 1, Nordmann Nordic AB is now distributing UNI-PURE® pharmaceutical starches from Ingredion for use in solid oral dosage forms such as tablets, capsules or sachets.

“We are pleased to have been able to expand the very successful strategic partnership we have with Ingredion in Germany and Poland to now include Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. This will allow both of our companies to create even greater added value for our customers,” says Annelie Eknäs Ekdahl, Managing Director of Nordmann Nordic AB.

“Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden have been important markets for Ingredion for many years. Our loyal partner Nordmann stands for service, customer proximity and competence and is a market player that our customers recognize. We are proud that we were able to set the final seal on the expansion of our partnership,” adds Dr. Fred Heinze, Business Manager Health Care Europe, Ingredion Germany GmbH.

Ingredion’s highly pure, pregelatinized UNI-PURE® starches are used as binders in tableting and granulation while also serving as fillers, disintegrating agents and glidants. The UNI-PURE® range provides multifunctional carriers that comply with pharmaceutical regulations from around the world and can therefore be used internationally.

“The UNI-PURE® line complements our existing product range optimally. That the starches have such diverse applications is of key importance to our customers,” concludes Ekdahl.

The UNI-PURE® products available are:

  • UNI-PURE® F – Extra White Corn Starch NF/Ph.Eur
  • UNI-PURE® FL – Corn Starch Extra Dry NF/Ph.Eur
  • UNI-PURE® WG 220 – Pregelatinized Starch PhEur, NF
  • UNI-PURE® DW – Pregelatinized Starch NF, Ph.Eur, JPE
  • UNI-PURE® DW-L Pregelatinized Starch NF, PhEur, JPE low-moisture