Enchanting pictures

from all the different countries we represent

The winning entry is a wonderful drawing from Rut Hansen
(age 11, Sweden).

The 2021 Christmas drawing competition was held from August to September this year and open to the children of our Nordmann employees, ages 4-12. The response we received was huge, so many thanks to all the artists who participated!
The winning picture from Rut is printed on the front of our company Christmas card, which will be distributed internationally to our business partners.
Young artists, big talent
Admire the beautiful pictures from all the different countries you'll find our Nordmann offices in:


Rut Hansen (age 11, Sweden)
Congratulations on winning first place in our 2021 Christmas card competition!


Beatriz Passos (age 10, Portugal)
Congratulations on winning second place in the competition!


Luise Gerlach (age 12, Germany)
Congratulations on winning third  place
in the competition!




Joris Brandt (age 4, Germany)






Guilherme Coelho (age 10, Portugal)

Niklas Brandt (age 7, Germany)






Greta Hansen (age 5, Sweden)






Laurette Chevallier (age 9, France)





Valter Hansen (age 9, Sweden)

Berit Kramer (age 7, Germany)






Raquel Oliveira (age 11, Portugal)












Martim Silva (age 10, Portugal)




Constança Nazaré (age 5, Portugal)














Jasper Röhrs (age 8, Germany)







Éva Sófalvy (age 7, Hungary)






Lourenço Oliveira (age 7, Portugal)













Jonna Röhrs (age 11, Germany)





Matilda Thews (age 5, Germany)

Laura Farah Thiele (age 12, Germany)