PURday: May 5-6, 2022 in Cologne 

Welcome to the exciting world of polyurethanes! 

“PURe Expertise” is the motto for our third PURday event, which will be taking place this year from May 5-6 in Cologne. Come join us!


Together with our partners, our Nordmann specialists will explore a range of interesting topics relating to polyurethanes. The whole team looks forward to taking your questions at the talks. 

Our partners

Dr. Bjorn Henninger, Sales Director CASE & Construction: "We are very happy to be hosting this existing event again in 2022, together with so many of our partners and suppliers."

"Let us introduce you to Nordmann's wide range of polyurethanes at the 2022 PURday event. Our team of experienced experts will be there to advise you and address your specific needs. Don't miss out!”


Conference program / registration 

The conference starts on May 5 with an official get-together at 12 p.m. The evening event just begins after 5.30 p.m. on the 30th floor of the KölnTurm, right next to the NH Hotel.  
The conference itself begins on May 6 at 9:00 a.m. and is set to be finished around 2 p.m.  Catering will be provided. 


May 05, 2022
12:00 p.m.Lunch
13:00 p.m.Welcome
13:15 p.m.Shell: Powering Progress with CARADOL Polyols
14:00 p.m.Ingevity UK Limited: Unique benefits of formulating with Capa Polyols in high performance coatings
14:45 p.m.Coffee Break
15:15 p.m.Elementis Specialties: Rheology for Future – Der Weg zu leistungsstarken und nachhaltigen Systemen 
16:00 p.m.Nordmann: Halogenfreier Flammschutz für Polyurethan-Systeme
16:45 p.m.Christian Block: Stille Experten
17:30 p.m.End Day 1
from18:30 p.m.Evening event on the 30th floor of the Osman Tower


May 06, 2022

09:00  a.m.Albemarle: Lecture on the topic of crosslinkers
09:45  a.m.Momentive: Latest Highlights: silicone surfactants and PU catalysts
10:30  a.m.FSK: REACh Diisocyanate
11:00  a.m.Coffee Break
11:30  a.m.Borsodchem: Innovations on MDI portfolio
12:15  p.m.Aramco: Novel CO2 based Poly-Propylene-Carbonate polyols for maximum performance in CASE applications
13:00  p.m.Lunch
14.00  p.m.End Day 2

We welcome: 


Using ETHACURE® 300 to Formulate Cast Elastomers with Appropriate Dynamic Properties

Albemarle’s Ethacure 300 is a liquid aromatic diamine with low viscosity noted for its superior properties and versatility in the polyurethane industry. Polyurethane elastomers cured with Ethacure 300 have demonstrated an extensive range of properties such as high hardness, high tensile strength, high modulus, and high elongation at break. Ethacure 300 is predominantly used in conjunction with TDI based isocyanates in the cast elastomer industry. These systems deliver suitable working time, adequate reactivity, and ideal mechanical properties. Research examined in this presentation demonstrates that if higher 2,6-isomer TDI prepolymers are used in formulation, E300 cured parts display improved dynamic properties.

Aramco Performance Materials LLC

Novel CO2 based Poly-Propylene-Carbonate polyols for maximum performance in CASE applications (presentation in English)

Aramco is a leading producer of the energy and chemicals that drive global commerce and enhance the daily lives of people around the globe by continuing delivering an uninterrupted supply of energy to the world. Aramco’s resilience and agility has built one of the world’s largest integrated energy and chemicals companies. And Aramco is part of the global effort toward building a low carbon economy.

Borsodchem ZRT.

BorsodChem's isocyanate portfolio and its newest highlights (presentation in English)

BorsodChem's MDI product portfolio has expanded rapidly in the recent years. We are proud to give our audience an insight into their success story, highlighting the most prominent products resulting from our intensive development work together.

Elementis PLC 

Rheology for Future:  The path to high-performance and sustainable systems in aqueous and non-aqueous applications (in two presentations).

Sustainable formulations must reduce environmental impact throughout the life cycle of the product without compromising performance. This means the individual components of the system need to be considered, as well as the additives selected for a formulation.

FSK - Fachverband Schaumkunststoffe
und Polyurethane e.V.

FSK-training content for REACh-restriction of diisocyanates: update & outlook

With the REACH restriction the European Union have issued a regulation that everyone handling diisocyanates and mixtures containing diisocyanates have to do mandatory trainings before 24 August 2023. FSK offers trainings that are tailored to the restriction and to the specific needs of companies. The presentation will point out how FSK assists in finding out the right training content, the right training level and the right training strategy. It is also highlighted how the FSK certification helps to ensure conformity with the REACH regulation in future.

Ingevity UK LTD

Unique benefits of formulating with Capa® polyols in high-performance coatings (presentation in English) 

A general introduction of the performance benefits gained by the use of Capa® polyols in various coating formulations for automotive refinishes as well as OEM, protective and marine, general industrial and construction applications. This presentation will the explore the enhanced properties Capa® polyols provide, e.g. improved abrasion resistance, higher solids coatings and better scratch resistance.

Momentive Performance Materials GmbH

Latest Highlights: silicone surfactants and PU catalysts

Momentive will present the latest developments its product portfolio for silicone stabilizers and catalysts for rigid foam, molded foam and CASE applications.

Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH

Halogen-free flame retardants for polyurethane systems 

Properties and applications of halogen-free flame retardants in terms of flame retardant properties. Furthermore, the products, technologies and the standards to be achieved are discussed, which are used for the transport, construction, industry and consumer sectors.  

Shell Chemicals Europe B.V. 

Powering Progress with CARADOL Polyols (presentation in English)

Powering Progress sets out our Shell strategy to accelerate the transition of our business to net-zero emissions. It is designed to create value for our shareholders, customers and wider society. Powering Progress is enabled by our key sustainability projects in order to provide more and cleaner energy solutions to our customers. It is underpinned by our core values and focus on safety. During the session, Shell Chemicals will share its product offerings and the next generation of products being added to CARADOL polyols portfolio.


Conference location / reservation 

The PURday conference will take place in the NH Collection Köln Mediapark.
Im Mediapark 8B 
50670 Köln 
Tel: +49 (0) 221 27510 
A limited number of superior rooms (including breakfast) are available for PURday guests at the exclusive price of €129. Please book your hotel room by April 10th, 2022 directly by calling +49 30 2238 0233 or emailing reservierungen@nh-hotels.com. Please use the subject line: PURday 2022. After April 10th the allotment expires. 
All guests must provide a credit card upon booking as a guarantee. All guaranteed rooms can be canceled free of charge up to 7 days before arrival.


COVID notice 

For us to experience live events together again, we need your ongoing help and support. Please be responsible to ensure that PURday is a success. We will monitor the situation to comply with the valid regulations and announce them for you here.


The following regulations currently apply in NRW: 

Mask requirement:

 - In healthcare facilities and companies 

- Public transport & taxis 

- Where required by house rules 

- Where the minimum distance cannot be maintained Distance requirement of 1.5 m 

For the PURday, masks and self-tests are offered to participants, suppliers and colleagues.



Dr. Björn Henninger

Sales Director
+49 40 36 87-0
Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

Our partners at the PURday:


Crosslinker / Curative 

Distributed by Nordmann in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, India and Serbia

Aramco Performance Materials

CO2-based Polyols 

Distributed by Nordmann in Germany

BorsodChem ZRT.

Flavored Isocynate

Distributed by Nordmann in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.    

Elementis PLC 

Additives with a focus on rheology 

Distributed by Nordmann Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungaria, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia and Slovakia. 

aramco chemicals

Ingevity UK LTD

Capa® polyols 

Distributed by Nordmann in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Serbia and Bosnia.   

Momentive Performance Materials GmbH

Silicone stabilizers & catalysts 

Distributed by Nordmann in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania , Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia. 

Shell Chemicals Europe B.V. 

Polyether polyols 

Distributed by Nordmann Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia. 

pharma capsules on a table


High-efficiency conductive carbon blacks for EMI shielding 31 May 2022

The demand for sustainable solutions continues to grow, and with it the importance of metal substitutes and lightweight construction models in the electric vehicle market. As a result, manufacturer interest in technical compounds with high thermal and electrical conductivity is also rising. Nordmann partner Imerys Graphite & Carbon offers an ideal solution with its conductive carbon blacks from the ENSACO® product family.

High-performance additives for rubber 25 May 2022

MESGO Iride Colors, a business division of the HEXPOL HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPOUNDING, offers masterbatches for silicone, organic and fluorocarbon compounds, as well as additive masterbatches.