18 May 2020

The start of a REvolution™ in rosin ester

REvolution™ rosin ester technology helps advance the bioeconomy by providing adhesive formulators with new choices for biobased tackifiers. These brand-new products are now available through Nordmann.

Kraton’s REvolution™ rosin ester technology allows for the production of rosin esters with improved color and oxidative stability – both critical features for adhesive applications.

Developed with Kraton’s proprietary REvolution™ platform, two new biobased solutions with elevated performance are now available. SYVALITE™ 2100 tackifier marks a new market standard for rosin esters by offering lighter color and improved stability.  SYLVALITE™ 9100 tackifier delivers exceptionally light initial color and advanced stability – making it a viable biobased alternative tackifier for premium hot-melt applications.

Kraton biobased tackifiers are the preferred chemistry for hot-melt systems due to their excellent adhesion performance and compatibility with a broad range of polymers. They are used in a wide range of applications including packaging, labels and flooring adhesives.

With 93% biobased content – certified according to the EN 16785-1 standard – both products have a much lower carbon footprint compared to a hydrocarbon tackifier. Made from Kraton’s crude tall oil (CTO) feedstock, these sustainable solutions are sourced from responsibly managed forests that do not require land-use change. CTO is a pine-based material and the feedstock provides steady supply all year round. It is not edible, does not compete for land with food crops and is not genetically modified (non-GMO).