20 May 2020

Taking care of body art

As soon as temperatures rise in spring, you can spot them everywhere: tattoos. Making sure these look good for as long as possible requires a special kind of care, and the Caring & Protecting Tattoo Cream from the Nordmann Lab offers just this.

Body art pieces that feature crisp linework and intense, saturated color: that’s what tattoo fans are all about. For optimal and beautiful results that last, however, it’s crucial to have a good moisturizer. Proper tattoo care means pampering the skin with rich, high-quality ingredients and at the same time protecting finished ink from environmental factors.

It’s all in the mix

The Caring & Protecting Tattoo Cream developed by the Nordmann Lab contains a number of highly effective ingredients, such as Baycusan® eco 1000 from Covestro. This film former features natural polymer components that protect both skin and tattoo at the same time, while also being able to break down more easily than similar products. In addition, the peptide SYN-UP™ from DSM helps combat dehydration while strengthening the skin’s resistance and boosting the functionality of the skin barrier. Lipex SheaTris™ from AAK provides protection against environmental influences and premature skin aging. To round out the Caring & Protecting Tattoo Cream formulation, Nordmann Lab has also used the all-natural E-Leen® Green C from Minasolve as an alternative to conventional preservatives.