10 Jun 2020

Reliable rheology solutions

The paint industry’s demand for more efficient, sustainable and color-stable raw materials is constantly growing. Nordmann partner Nouryon has embraced this challenge and offers a portfolio of corresponding solutions.

The Bermocoll® cellulose ethers from Nouryon that Nordmann distributes are manufactured using a unique and solvent-free process that ensures a low carbon footprint.

High efficiency

High application viscosity is essential for good film build and hiding power. That’s why Bermocoll® Prime contributes to medium and high shear viscosity to a much greater extent than regular cellulose ethers. It was developed as the next generation of cellulose ethers and can be used in all types of latex paints ranging from low to high PVC (pigment volume concentration). The new product is suitable for all types of interior and exterior paints and its advantages are most apparent in flat to semi-gloss finishes. Paints formulated with Bermocoll® Prime show very stable and constant viscosity even when stored at elevated temperatures and are compatible with various types of binders.

Superior color stability and performance

Excellent color stability is achieved with Bermocoll® Prime in combination with a wide range of colorants and binders. The Nouryon product was designed with particular attention to color acceptance and development, and offers reliable color performance. This means that it delivers the expected levels of homogeneity and intensity regardless of the type of application.

Bermocoll® Prime has been tested in systems known to be sensitive with respect to color acceptance and has delivered very good results – i.e. low dE(00) values.