9 Mar 2021

Relaxation for body and mind

Finding time to unwind is important, especially nowadays. Living in times overshadowed by the coronavirus means we need to find most of these opportunities at home, however, and so the new Relaxing Yoga Mask from the Nordmann laboratory is just the thing! Laura Ratz, Application Scientist Life Sciences Germany in Personal Care & HI&I, spoke to us about the benefits of the lab’s new product.


Why do we need Nordmann’s new Relaxing Yoga Mask?

Yoga is a big trend these days. It's about relieving stress, relaxation and simply doing something for yourself: self-care at home, so to speak. Focusing on health and wellness in this way is particularly important right now due to the pandemic.

How does the new mask work?

Stress is unhealthy for the skin. If you have too much if it, your body responds by increasing cortisol production – and having elevated levels of cortisol in the body prevents the skin barrier from functioning well. The skin loses moisture and small wrinkles start forming. The main active ingredient of our lab’s new mask is BEL-EVEN® from DSM, which counteracts these processes by reducing cortisol levels in the skin. This then inhibits collagen degradation and thinning, which ultimately serves to strengthen the skin barrier’s ability to function.

What other relaxation-promoting active ingredients does the Relaxing Yoga Mask contain?

The mask also contains Méditerranée-H Hawthorn. This is a hawthorn extract that offers antioxidative effects as well as soothing and skin-protecting properties.

Additionally, the mask features TOCOBIOL® XT C: a blend of TOCOBIOL® and green tea extract, which is another well-known natural antioxidant.