10 Jun 2020

Pro-environment polyols from Nordmann partner Perstorp: Voxtar™, Neeture™ and Evyron™

Perstorp’s innovative base polyols not only lower Co2 footprint but can also be found in all kinds of everyday applications, from walls to digital screens and even roads.

One of Perstorp’s guiding principles is to help create a more environmentally friendly world. The company does this not only by manufacturing products in a sustainable way, but also by offering products that help its customers become more sustainable themselves.

Use in different industries

In the resins market and the paint, coatings and synthetic lubricants industries, the type and environmental impact of the raw materials used are coming under heavy scrutiny by both consumers and legislators. The products marketed by Nordmann meet these challenges by providing renewable drop-in solutions for formulations that can match the performance levels of fossil-based alternatives.

Promising mass balance

To achieve low Co2 footprint solutions, Perstorp produces its pro-environment polyols based on renewable raw materials according to a mass balance approach. This approach is about mixing fossil and renewable raw materials during production processes, while keeping track of their quantities and allocating them to specific products. Britta Lindemann, Senior Technical Sales & Product Manager Coatings & Construction Germany at Nordmann, comments on the process: “The actual carbon molecules in the product may not be renewable, but through the third-party certificate process, the amount of renewable content is verified. This helps to support the sustainable sourcing of renewable raw materials, and to see the actual savings of greenhouse gas emissions throughout the value chains.” The mass balance system Perstorp uses involves chemical as well as physical traceability and will gradually lead to a full transition to renewable energy at its sites of production.

Certified, pro-environmental polyols

All three of Perstorp’s pro-environment polyols – Voxtar™, Neeture™, and Evyron™ – come with an ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) certificate to confirm that the biomass used is from a sustainable source. The certificate also supports the correct calculation of greenhouse gas emissions, with each ingredient being verified. In addition, the mass balance system is certified and able to ensure the traceability of biobased raw materials back to their countries of origin.

Overview of Perstorp’s Voxtar™, Neeture™ and Evyron™ pro-environment polyols

  • Voxtar™: the world’s first renewable pentaerythritol, launched in 2010. It comes in 40% and 100% renewable grades that can reduce Co2 footprint by 60-80%.
  • Neeture™: partially renewable NPG, supplied in two grades (20% and 40%) which can reduce Co2 footprint by 40-60%.
  • Evyron™: partly renewable TMP that comes in two grades (20% and 50%) and can reduce Co2 footprint by 40-60%.