8 Sep 2020

Nordmann expands partnership with Mitsui Chemicals

Nordmann and Mitsui Chemicals Japan have collaborated together successfully on a variety of different projects in the past. Now, their partnership is being expanded to cover the distribution of Mitsui EPT™ in the European Union and Serbia.

With its headquarters in Tokyo, Mitsui Chemicals manufactures products for a range of different industry sectors: mobility, health, food and packaging, and base materials. The Japanese company also develops innovative, future-oriented products and solutions. Nordmann will be taking over the distribution of Mitsui’s standard EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) in the European Union and Serbia.

Impressive resistance

Mitsui EPT™ is not only UV and ozone resistant, but also resistant to water and certain chemical influences. Additionally, the materials provide insulating properties.

In addition to supplying Mitsui EPT™ products with high-level process reliability, Mitsui Chemicals also offers specialty grades that feature very good cold flexibility and heat resistance. Varieties designed for different types of foam applications are also available.

The high degree of resistance that EPDM offers makes it one of the most versatile rubber materials on the market. EPDM is a popular choice for e.g. window seals, cooling water hoses, insulation and cable sheathing.

EPDM production sites

Mitsui Chemicals manufactures its EPDM products at three different locations:

  • Facility in Japan (75,000 metric tons/year): produced with metallocene catalysts
  • Facility in Japan (20,000 metric tons/year): produced with Ziegler-Natta catalysts
  • Facility in China (75,000 metric tons/year): produced with metallocene catalysts

Nordmann is now distributing Mitsui EPT™ products with a special focus on the metallocenes that are produced at Mitsui’s plant in Japan.