6 Jul 2020

Nordmann expands distributorship with Momentive

As of March 1, Nordmann is now distributing electronic materials from Momentive throughout Germany. This represents an extension of Nordmann’s existing distribution activities with the US company, which is one of the world’s leading suppliers of silicones.

As part of a long-term and successful channel, Nordmann distributes Momentive products in a number of countries and for a variety of sectors that includes elastomers, personal care and urethane additives. The two companies have been working together internationally in sales to the electronics industry as well.

Nordmann has now expanded its role to include distribution of Momentive’s silicones for electronics in Germany.

Customized solutions in electronics

The electronics industry is currently facing the next generation of technical developments. Circuit densities are becoming greater, while space for additional components is disappearing. At the same time, requirements for high-level thermal conductivity are also increasing. Customers are looking for smaller, more efficient solutions that meet the demands of miniaturization and system integration.

Momentive supplies products that satisfy the requirements of today, even as it works continuously to meet those of tomorrow. In its portfolio, customers will find solutions for thermal management, sealants, adhesives, coatings, encapsulation and optical bonding such as:

  • Thermally-conductive adhesives (0.7 WmK bis 3.5 WmK)
  • Thermally-conductive gap fillers (2.5 WmK bis 10 WmK)
  • Thermally-conductive casting compounds 1.3 WmK bis 2.2 WmK)

Momentive’s selection is also diverse in terms of what it can provide automotive applications, ranging from encapsulation materials in ultrasonic sensors to ADAS-related (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) connectivity modules that require ultra-high performance thermal interface materials.

Strong customer focus

With Momentive supplying the right products and Nordmann providing optimal sales service, the common goal of the two companies is to meet the increasing demands of customers with respect to thermal management, sealing, encapsulation and bonding.