27 Oct 2020

New water-free monomer from Nordmann partner Evonik

In addition to its line of aqueous VISIOMER® MPEG MA W products, the Essen-based German company Evonik Operations GmbH is now supplying pure, water-free VISIOMER® MPEG 500 MA in liquid form. Like Evonik’s water-based products, it is non-hazardous, easy to handle and suitable for a wide range of applications. Nordmann is managing the distribution of the new monomer throughout Europe.

Methoxy polyethylene glycol methacrylates from Evonik have a long side chain consisting of ethylene glycol units. They can easily be utilized in aqueous systems and, as co-monomers, are able to impart hydrophobic properties to polymers.

Versatility in use

Evonik’s VISIOMER® MPEG monomers were previously only available in 50% aqueous solutions. Now, the company’s new pure and water-free product can be used in water-free systems and polymerization processes. It is also ideal for use as a polymerizable surfactant, for instance in secondary dispersions that improve the dispersibility of the solution-polymerized resin in water. In some cases, the product can even replace the use of an additional dispersing agent. Other possible applications of VISIOMER® MPEG 500 MA include use as a co-monomer for polymeric dispersants, (reactive) pigment dispersant, as a co-monomer for reactive resin applications, as an emulsifier in formulations and for use in all types of radical polymerization. Like VISIOMER® MPEG 750MA W, VISIOMER® MPEG 500 MA improves the freeze-thaw stability of polymer dispersions.