14 Jan 2020

New partner for antimicrobial and functional raw materials

Nordmann’s international network continues to grow! The company is pleased to have gained MINASOLVE® as an innovative partner for sustainable solutions.

MINASOLVE® produces highly effective, bio-based, antimicrobial and functional raw materials for the cosmetics industry. As part of the MINAFIN Group, the French company offers more than 70 years of experience in chemistry and sustainability.

Established success:  A-Leen® 5

A-Leen® 5 (INCI: Pentylene Glycol) was the first product of natural origin that the company launched onto the cosmetics market in 2014.

The multifunctional ingredient, made of sugar cane bagasse, provides both moisturizing effects as well as a smooth feel. In addition, it prevents cosmetics from being contaminated by microorganisms and can even be used as a solvent for extracting
and stabilizing other active ingredients.

A-Leen® 5 can provide stand-alone antimicrobial protection or be easily combined with other antimicrobial raw materials to enhance their preservative properties.