15 Mar 2021

New flexible and fast-curing agent for epoxy systems

The world’s leading supplier of epoxy materials, Olin, has designed a new enhanced curing agent: D.E.H.™ 2725.


It combines classic attributes of high flexibility and fast hardening. D.E.H.™ 2725 meets environmental challenges for high-performance systems, acts as a membrane for crack-bridging, works as an adhesive and is the ideal solution for filling gaps and avoiding cracks in demanding applications.

Combining essential properties

Another advantage of the new hardener is that it can be combined with a variety of liquid resins or specialized blend resins like D.E.R.™ 3913 to achieve a very flexible system. The curing profile and final properties of the epoxy system can be tailored by combining the hardener with other Olin-brand epoxy blend resins and hardeners. D.E.H.™ 2725 also offers a fast dry-to-touch time, even at 13°C.

The new hardener meets environmental requirements, being free of aminoethylpiperazine (AEP), alkyl phenolics and volatile organic compounds (VOC).