15 Dec 2020

New VISIOMER® TMCHMA monomer from Evonik

Nordmann partner Evonik Operations GmbH is one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies, headquartered in Essen, Germany. The company is expanding its monomer portfolio to include the new VISIOMER® TMCHMA (trimethyl cyclohexyl methacrylate), which is especially well-suited to use in adhesives, coatings and 3D printing.

Adhesives applications

VISIOMER® TMCHMA is characterized by good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and has a very high glass-transition temperature, giving adhesives a great amount of mechanical strength. Compared to other specialty monomers, another compelling advantage of VISIOMER® TMCHMA is its user-friendly labeling requirements. It also provides formulations with a high E- modulus and good shear strength.

Coatings applications

Having good solubility, low vapor pressure and a reactive methacrylate group make VISIOMER® TMCHMA an ideal reactive diluent for high-solid and ultra-high-solid systems. Compared to VISIOMER® IBOMA, an already well-established high-solids monomer, incorporating Evonik’s VISIOMER® TMCHMA into resins achieves the same level of performance in all relevant film properties such as (pendulum) hardness, gloss, flexibility and chemical resistance.

3D printing applications

VISIOMER® TMCHMA’s high glass-transition temperature and dissolving power make it extremely well-suited to use as a reactive diluent in 3D printing resins, e.g. for SLA or DLP printers. In addition, being low-odor in nature and having low vapor pressure are of further benefit.