28 Sep 2020

NATURANGE – color that treats hair kindly

Today’s consumers won’t compromise on hair color performance; they want beautiful, lasting color from dyes that are not harmful to people or damaging to hair. As a result, the demand for gentle colorants based on natural ingredients and which still score high in terms of effectiveness (i.e. gray coverage and color stability) is increasing. That’s where the NATURANGE products from Nordmann partner Lubrizol come in to offer optimal solutions.

Lubrizol’s newly-launched NATURANGE color formulations are crafted with up to 88% naturally derived ingredients, combining botanical extracts and nature-based ingredients together with the company’s proprietary technologies.

Rich, natural ingredients that deliver

NATURANGE formulations feature moisturizing and conditioning ingredients that smooth and soften hair. They protect hair from damage and make it easy to detangle hair while it is still wet.

Containing KELCO-CARE™ Diutan Gum, NATURANGE formulations have a rich, creamy and non-drip texture designed for rapid absorption into the hair. This new rheology modifier is based on natural ingredients that make hair feel silky and won’t leave any residue behind.

In addition to these advantages, Lubrizol’s NATURANGE formulations do not contain ammonia, PPD or parabens. They are also not formulated with resorcinol. Available in four shades (red, brown, black and blond), the resulting hair color lasts up to 20 washes.