2 Oct 2019

Microscopic brain boosters

At the heart of Cell Biotech’s latest capsule concept is the interplay between ginkgo extract and probiotics: ginkgo to promote blood circulation in the brain and boost cognitive
performance, probiotic bacteria to optimally balance the pH level of the gut and allow the ginkgo to be better absorbed. In order for probiotics to do this job and serve other functions, however, they must first survive stomach acids, bile and potentially damaging environmental influences such as heat, moisture and stress during both production and transport.

Developed specially for lactobacilli, Cell Biotech’s patented LAB2PRO™ technology provides precisely the type of protection that probiotics need to withstand damaging influences. Taking probiotic dietary supplements formulated with Cell Biotech’s LAB2PRO™-protected lactobacilli allows for significantly more CFUs (colony-forming units) to survive and populate the appropriate sections of the intestine. Cell Biotech’s LAB2PRO™ technology can also guarantee the bacterial cell count of an end product for the full standard shelf life of 24
months. In this way LAB2PRO™ can have a lasting positive impact on human intestinal health, which in turn plays an important role in the human immune system and general well-being.

LAB2PRO™-Slim Again supports weight loss

Probiotics can also be used in the fight against obesity. For this purpose, the Nordmann partner offers sachets of LAB2PRO™-Slim Again. This probiotic formulation has been proven through research on children of ages 4-17 to have a positive influence on weight loss and the prevention of obesity.