29 Mar 2021

Ingredion launches organic instant functional native starch across Europe

From pie fillings to salad dressings, Ingredion's newly launched NOVATION® 9460 organic instant functional native starch is suitable for making a wide range of sustainable organic products.


Ingredion, the experts on starch and starch-based products, recently developed the new organic instant functional native starch NOVATION® 9460 to be used in certified organic products and to help solve many of the processing and stability challenges faced by customers. "The new product allows food manufacturers to go organic without compromising on the quality and stability of the end product," says Esra Akmanli, Business Development Manager at Ingredion EMEA.

NOVATION® 9460 guarantees smooth texture

Manufactured in Europe, NOVATION® 9460 organic instant functional native starch answers today’s consumer demand for more sustainable products. It provides instant viscosity, enabling optimum control of the rheological behavior of cake batters, sauces or other semi-liquid food products.

Unlike other instant organic starches on the market, NOVATION® 9460 is stable in both acidic and shear environments. As a result, gelling or water syneresis over a product’s shelf-life is avoided, guaranteeing a smooth, customer-preferred texture. The new starch can be used across a range of organic food applications that are now in high demand, including bakery fillings, quiche, cakes, ready meals, mayonnaise, salad dressings, sauces and soft cheese desserts.

Strong market growth

"Now worth over €40 billion in Europe, the organic market has doubled in size over the last ten years. One in seven new products is organic," explains Petra Fisch, Sales Director Life Sciences at Nordmann. "With personal health and sustainability high on their agendas," Fisch continues, "consumers associate organic labels with stricter testing and greater transparancy." However, creating products that deliver the quality and sensory experiences consumers love – while also complying with the many regulations required for organic certification – can be a challenge. Ingredion has experience and expertise in functional organic texturizers, clean-label and organic formulation, as well as deep consumer insights that can help customers capitalize on opportunities in the organic food and beverage market.

New regulations on the use of starch

As detailed in Ingredion's "Get Ready for Organic Changes" guide, it will still be possible to label processed foods "organic" under the new organic regulations that are due to come into force on January 1, 2022, provided that 95% of the agricultural ingredients involved are of organic origin or have been produced organically. After December 31, 2022, it will not be allowed to use non-organic starches made from rice or waxy maize in organic foods; following this date, only organic starches will be permitted.